A glimpse of  Abacus N Abacus
Hard to believe but true :
Before we start to explain the concept of Abacus we would just like to ask you a few questions in arithmetic.
4325 X 235 = ? Or 7354/2345=? Or 435 + 7829 - 3275 + 2213 - 1235 = ?
No do not take  What did you pickup a pen and paper, a calculator or have  you switched on your computer?
Now if we tell you that you can do these sums without the help of any external aid  you  would most probably laugh at us and say this is impossible or take a long time doing it.
Can you imagine these same sums that have baffled you being solved by a 8 year old child in just 8 seconds flat and that too without using any of the external aids mentioned above. Hard to believe but true.
That is what we are into? "Whole Brain Development" using Mental Arithmetic as a medium and an Abacus as a tool.

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