About Abacus N Abacus

Abacus n abacus was established in 2007 by our director Mrs. Richa Agarwal. On her visit to South India she came across a new learning concept of fast calculation. After coming back to Varanasi, she started to train her own child and she could clearly see the successful result and hence she started to teach at a small play group school on Sundays as her hobby. After seeing the result of their children, it was well appreciated by the parents and with their support we got more admissions and opened other branches in Varanasi. We are first in North India to introduce Abacus as a subject to be taught in schools and the concept was very well appreciated and accepted by the other schools which were hesitant about it. Our mission is to train the young wind to reach greater heights in their academic life and in facing the challenges in today's complex world. To equip the new generation mentally and functionally for meeting and overcoming the challenges in today’s competitive environment and to become a leading institute and set standards in the field of innovative education for children in the age group of 4-14 and to develop the power inherent in their minds.

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